We're not in Kansas anymore

A few more posts from our February trip to California...

Charlie loved the beach! It was the perfect playground.

He would sit in the sand and dig for hours. Ryan and I were able to relax next to him in beach chairs with a good book. But Charlie also liked to have help digging so we did plenty of that, too.

The sand got everywhere...

I know we brought lots of it home with us in our suitcase.

Charlie's Geiger cousins were with us during our stay and so he had a constant playmate. One day we all went to a Navy airshow - it was a beautiful sunny day and we packed a lunch to have a picnic and watch some airplanes.

At one point there was a 36 plane flyover in formation! Very cool.

Mitch very patiently helped Charlie hit the baseball...

and kept him from swinging the bat directly at Mark.
It was a relaxing and beautiful Saturday in California.


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