Checking off the list

Still waiting for Baby Girl to arrive. She is taking her time. The good thing is we've had time to get through all the projects on our "pre-baby" list. One project has been in the works since before Charlie was born. Ryan disputes this, but I know it for a fact. How else would we have, in our right mind, undertaken a project that involved hundreds of small objects that can be chewed on and tossed about by small hands and that requires a large flat surface of undisturbed space (i.e. dining room table or kid-free zone on the floor). I am sure we started this in the winter of 08/09, pregnant with Charlie and with leisurely couple time on our hands.

Ryan has been saving wine corks for a long time (we only used maybe half of the available corks) and each one was carefully selected and placed for this cork board.

I think it was worth the wait.

I'm all out of things to clean and organize in the house. I've re-organized all the upstairs closets to make room for baby, the pantry closet was overhauled and ordered, my jewelry drawer, the kitchen 'junk drawer' and finally, last on the list - the refrigerator. There's nothing left.

We're ready Baby Girl, anytime!


  1. My house needs organizing, if that helps you?

  2. If baby doesn't come soon, I may take you up on that Alex!

  3. It looks like you're ready and your house is too! Can't wait to read your good news soon!


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