Two weeks to go...

We're getting down to the wire. Baby girl is due two weeks from today. At one point I thought she was going to show up early, now I think she is going to hang on til the very end. Been feeling a little guilty that I haven't posted any bump pictures this time around. She deserves to be documented in utero just like Charlie was, so here goes...

You make a very handy table these days, baby love. And no, I did not drink any of that wine, uh-huh.

Here we are, baby and me.

Oh yeah, she's in there. Running out of room!

As we've been getting out the baby gear and getting things ready for round 2, Charlie has enjoyed revisiting all his old stuff.

A good way to occupy Charlie these days is to put him at the kitchen sink and let him go crazy with some cups and water. It can be a little messy, but its only water after all. And we can use the extra minutes it buys us to get things done around the house.

We've seen this face a lot lately, Mr. Grumpy. I think Charlie is becoming keenly aware that big changes are just around the corner. I'm definitely worried about how things are going to go and feel guilty about disrupting his only child world. But I think he's going to surprise us and be a great big brother. Here's hoping!


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