Charlie named Baby Izzy

Charlie gave Izzy her nickname. We went through months of debate over names for baby girl Manies (sorry Kara, we didn't end up using Bessie Fern!). We considered the classic, the trendy, the unique. Nothing seemed to click for us and we decided it was because we needed a name with personal meaning to us. Charlie is named after his great-grandfathers and shares a middle name with his dad and grandfather. We wanted the same for baby girl.
Helen was my maternal grandmother's name. My grandmother was a big part of my life as a child and an adult. Living just a few miles away from us, she was there for all of life's moments, big and small. She passed away 5 years ago and there are still days when I miss her presence acutely. Family and children meant everything to her and she would have loved to know her great-grandchildren. Someday Helen will know that she shares her name with a very special lady.

Elizabeth is also a family name. Ryan's sister and both grandmothers have the middle name Elizabeth. And it allowed us to use the nickname Izzy.

Early on in the naming process, we tossed around the name Isabelle with the nickname Izzy. I used to try out names on Charlie in the car on the way home from school each day. I liked to hear him pronounce the different names. From the time I said the name "Izzy" to Charlie, he latched onto it and never forgot it. Even after we decided to go with the name Helen, if I called the baby Helen, Charlie would respond by saying "Izzy." He had decided that was baby's name. Isabelle is very popular right now so we shied away from that and we realized Izzy was also a nickname for Elizabeth.

So we decided to stick with the family names and go with Elizabeth for a middle name. When she gets older she can choose to go by whatever she wants. For now, Charlie's name choice is a good fit for our sweet girl.


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