Izzy's Arrival

We arrived at the hospital Wednesday night ~ 10pm and began the waiting game. Much like her brother, Izzy was a bit too comfortable where she was and didn't want to make an appearance. About noon the next day we made a decision to have a c-section since Izzy was showing no signs of coming anytime soon and we also wanted to make sure and avoid the trauma Charlie went through on his delivery. At 3:10 pm on Thursday March 17 Izzy finally joined us on the outside as healthy and perfect as a baby can be. Ryan watched and took pictures while the nurses cleaned her up and checked her out.

I waited 39 weeks for this moment. The last few days and hours before Izzy's arrival seemed like an infinity as I waited to hold my baby girl, see her with my own eyes, and know she was for real.
Both Mom and Baby were content with this close contact and we stayed like this until they wheeled me out of the operating room.

Proud and happy Papa.

She tipped the scale at 6.5 lbs, a full pound less than Charlie when he was born.

Getting a more thorough scrub down en route from the recovery room to our hospital room. She didn't seem to mind her first bath.

She doesn't like to be cold, however. Put some clothes on her and hold her and she is the happiest baby. Oh, and she does like to eat. Back up to her birth weight by the time we left the hospital 4 days later.


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