Switching it up

I've been having a hard time keeping up with current pictures on the blog since baby #2 and I don't see this getting any better. So I'm trying a new approach. I'm posting iphone pics of random daily events here. You can also find the link in the My Tumblr page at the top of this blog. I will continue to make longer posts here but add pictures more often on Tumblr. Posting from my phone on Tumblr is super easy and makes it something I can do on the fly or with a kid (or two) hanging on my arm. So check it out.

We're also looking to add more content. There is a new section titled From Ryan's Kitchen where we will post recipes and meal ideas. Ryan is such a great cook and we eat like kings pretty much every night. Thought we would share some of his recipes and see if it inspires someone else to cook healthy food at home.

So if there is anyone out there following along here (Hi Mike & Sharon and Julie!) let us know what you like and give us some feedback. And check back often for more new stuff.

Having a rare, quiet moment to myself right now in the house and am not sure what to do with it. Its Saturday afternoon, both kids are asleep, Ryan is out for a run (I already finished my run today, yea me!) and the house is eerily silent. So this is peace & quiet. Hmmm. I think I like it. Sigh.

Off to read a bit of a good book before anyone wakes up!


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