A beautiful fall day (and KU football)

I don't remember not going to KU football games. I don't have memories of going at Charlie's age, but I know I've just always gone. To me they are synonomous with fall and family and fun. Now, just like when I was a kid, the game is secondary. This is not College Game Day. We do a G version of tailgate-lite and while everyone loves a win, it doesn't define the day. Because let's face it, no one would have much fun if we were dependent on a KU football win to enjoy this beautiful day. 

Charlie started off the day a little grumpy, as if he knew the score of the game already.

 Iz was all smiles, as usual, for her first KU football game.

This is how hugs from Charlie start...

 and this is how they end - with a tackle. And a grin.

 Iz doesn't seem to mind.

Another topple, this time on her own. She's going to be a tough kid.

I got a picture of Charlie and Grandaddy while it was still early in the game and Grandaddy was smiling...

 Iz doesn't know it, but her Gram was a KU Homecoming Queen!

Charlie enjoyed the game and cheered for his team saying "Rock Chalk KU!". Yes, we've brainwashed our children early. I hope someday Charlie and Izzy will consider beautiful fall days in Lawrence and KU football games as just something they've always done in life, a fun family event. We didn't quite make it til half-time of this game but we made the most of the sunny day. Local Burger for lunch, a walk along Mass Street and a stop in a park completed the day. We had some very sleepy and happy kids in the car on the way home.

To experience the fun of winning at a KU game, we'll need to get them to a basketball game soon! Rock Chalk.


  1. Love the tackle/hug! I have many memories of the KU games as well, I got to know the student union quite well!

  2. You took me to my very first KU football game! I remember running around the stadium and the Union and the hill. Great times!! Rock Chalk Paige!

  3. Y: so long ago! And so many more KU memories since then...


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