Pumpkin Patch

Better late than never. We made it to a pumpkin patch this weekend. The pumpkin pickings were a little slim, but so were the crowds so it all worked out. Combined with the beautiful weather on this late Saturday afternoon, we couldn't have asked for a lovelier day.

Ok, good enough. Now go run.

Izzy was still under the weather and not her usual smiling self. I know I've seen that look before...

It really was beautiful out in the country.

Maybe Charlie is actually a country boy at heart. He was in heaven at the pumpkin patch - tractors and dirt, cows and chickens, with no boundaries, roads or cars for miles to get in his way. We let him wander off as far as he wanted. He would look back occasionally, check and see if we were still there. And then he just kept walking, carrying the small green pumpkin he selected (he got one for Izzy, too).

Until the tractor came back to pick us up just as the sun was setting.


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