A tale of two phones

You may have heard the tragic news already. My iphone 3G came to an untimely death. It was so sudden and unexpected. Having heard so much talk lately about the new iphone 4S coming out (yet another new model to compete with and be compared to unfavorably) my forlorn 3G just couldn’t take it anymore. In a fit of self-loathing and pity, he threw himself off the bathroom cabinet onto the cold, unforgiving tile floor below. Poor 3G, his surface cracked and ugly, he continued to tick in his slow and frustrating way, but his days were numbered. It was time for him to go. I put in a request for the new and improved phone of the hour to take his place. Ah, the mighty 4S. You are so much faster, sleeker, lovelier than I ever knew possible.

Most of my excitement for this new phone is geared towards the camera, the best ever put on a mobile device. In spite of 3G’s shortcomings, I still managed to take over a thousand pictures on that phone. The camera on the 4S is super fast, can flip towards the viewer (which might mean a few pics of me and the kids could happen once in awhile) and has video. Considering I took over 50 pictures on the first Saturday I had my new phone, it will definitely get lots of use. I’m excited for the possibilities!

A sample of what the 4S (plus Instagram) can do.


Another tech note: One thing I have found that really helps me keep up with pictures, filing them away, backing them up, etc. is Eye-Fi. It is a wireless memory card for your digital camera. You can get a 4GB card on Amazon for around $40. It is easy to set up (if I can do it...) and then you don't have to plug anything into your computer, etc. Just turn on your camera in the presence of a wireless network and it automatically downloads pictures to your computer. You can designate where the pictures are stored on your computer and also have them loaded directly to flickr, facebook and other online sharing sites. There is also an Eye-Fi app that will allow you to transfer pictures from your phone to the same folders and websites, putting all of your pictures in one place. It really simplifies the process and has allowed me to keep up with my blog posts because when I go to put one together, the pictures are already there ready to go.  It is $40 well spent! I heard about it from Digitwirl, a good source for tech help and ideas.


  1. Well you out surpassed me in your savy tech ways! If it gives me more pics of my beautiful niece and nephew then I am all for it!


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