Group runs

I remember the day I brought home my Bob jogging stroller like it was yesterday. Bright shiny and new, cheerful in orange, ready to hit the pavement. The Bob is the stroller of choice for runners and I felt like I had joined an exclusive club - sort of like how people that drive Minis all wave at each other on the road (they really do, there is even a set wave you exchange by just lifting your palm up while still holding the top of the steering wheel). We got the Bob towards the end of my maternity leave when I really needed to get out of the house. I was itching to get back in shape and the Bob was my ticket there. It was spring time and the parks and running trails were calling me.

Charlie, however, wasn't quite ready for the Bob. It was pretty cold the week I got the stroller and I bundled him up, padded him in with blankets, just to go down the block and test it out. Needless to say, our first test run wasn't very successful.

St. Patrick's Day impromptu picnic in the park with Charlie and the Bob

The Bob went everywhere with us. We could pack up baby and gear and explore the neighborhood or spend time outside. Charlie soon grew into the Bob and we were off and running...

I am very lucky that Charlie always enjoyed going for a run. When he was really little and still in his car seat in the stroller, I could count on him to fall asleep. Later, once he was sitting up and facing front, he was easily entertained watching other runners, bikes, and dogs stream by. We usually made a loop that included a stop at a park to play. I know it sounds corny, but I almost feel grateful to the Bob. The Bob allowed me to get in a run without feeling guilty for leaving Charlie at home. I always enjoy having Charlie with me on our runs. He chatters away, pointing out things he sees. We play our own version of "I spy" for Jayhawks, pumpkins, flags, crazy cars, kids on bikes. Sometimes he tells me to go faster, to catch someone ahead of us - he is like my own personal trainer!

Charlie after a 5K Halloween run

Charlie and I logged a lot of miles in that orange stroller and I am sad to think we've outgrown it. But it's time to make room for Izzy on our group runs. So now we have another Bob in the family.

Bob 2.0. Happy running!


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