On the move

Did I say things would calm down after last week? Silly me. I should have known better, what with only 2 weeks til Christmas. So things have not slowed down at all, but I'm busy with things that I enjoy a whole lot more than really long days in the lab. Birthday celebrations, finding the perfect gift, mailing Christmas cards, packing - did I mention we're heading to Colorado for some relaxing and active days in the snow? Can't wait! It's just Ryan and I and I'm already missing the kids. This will be our first trip without Izzy. Sniff.

But holding true to her standing as the best baby in the whole world, she went ahead and figured out how to crawl right before we leave town so we wouldn't miss this milestone. She figured it out at home today, lowering my Mom guilt considerably. I was there to see it! Thanks Iz, I really appreciate it. You have given me a wonderful gift for the holiday!

Not only did she figure out how to crawl, but almost simultaneously she is pulling up and standing. Watch out Charlie, all toys are fair game now!

I'm still figuring out how to get videos from my phone to the blog. For now, its easier to post them on Tumblr. Check out the first crawl here. (For the record, Charlie's dog does not have fleas!)


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