Charlie at school

Charlie's teachers keep a blog to post the activities the kids do at school during the week. I went back and collected some images just over the last couple weeks. Whenever I feel the working mom guilt creeping on, I look at images like these and I am rest assured. Charlie is in a stimulating, fun, creative and loving environment. I cannot provide him with this variety of learning and experience.

Everyone should be able to run around with a cape and a ribbon to their heart's content!

What is he planning to do with that ice tray full of rocks? Only Charlie knows.
Practicing his carpentry skills.

Sorting beads by color and shape.
I have no idea, but it looks fun and messy.

The kids eat family style. Who knew he could serve himself?
Note the kid checking his (pink) cell phone instead of listening to the teacher. Uh-oh.

Making play dough. Everyone gets a turn to help.

The music teacher comes twice a week!

Art, lots of art for our walls! Look how they let them go with the glue, yikes.

This stuff is called Flubber. They make it themselves and the kids love it!

So much fun. I want to go to school, too!

Not to be out done, Iz gets to make art at school, too!


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