A sick baby trumps everything

There is nothing worse than a sick baby. The tired eyes, runny nose, and flushed cheeks resting quietly on my shoulder are a far cry from the happy, content Izzy we know and love. And when you have a sick baby, all bets are off. Schedules, routines, work and sleep are all thrown out of whack. There is no center, no North to my day.  We went to the doctor and she was given antibiotics for her ear and her sinuses, and then it was just a waiting game until she felt better and her fever went away. All I could do was hold her. And hold her I did - in the morning, at night, all through the day - in the shower, while I ate, while I attempted to fold laundry, while I read a little for work, while she was awake, while she slept. Izzy is a cuddly baby and she likes to be held a lot on a good day. When she is sick, it is like she becomes another limb, glued to my body, following and hindering my every move. We become inseperable, a singular unit caught in a haze of discomfort and tiredness.

Lest I sound like an unloving mother, let me state that a part of me loves this closeness and knows that it won't last much longer. I have to enjoy every snuggly moment with my almost one-year old. After our vacation together last week, I missed being around her all day long. But I got nothing done for two whole days at home this week. And while I normally like to spend the day at home with the kids, unplanned and immediately following a long vacation is not ideal. Grandparents were not an option for help this week and it made me realize for the bizillionth time how incredibly lucky and spoiled we are to always have family help. It is the only reason my career hasn't taken a complete nose dive after having two kids in three years. What do other dual-career couples do without family around to help?? I really can't imagine. Post-vacation, I was rested and excited about tackling some projects at work, getting in the lab and doing some real science. But if there's one thing I've learned in the last three years since becoming a mother, it is that life is completely unpredictable and the best laid plans will be interrupted. Count on it.

The saving grace this week was this guy. He doesn't slow down long enough to get sick, thank goodness. Although this morning, he told us his knee hurt and he was getting sick. I think he was in need of a little attention given how the days (and nights) have revolved around Izzy this week.

One other bright spot to the week - I snuck into a store (not just any store, but my favorite) and bought two inexpensive dresses for our upcoming trip to Spain. Don't these fabrics just say Spain to you? Even sick, Izzy is a good shopper and my purchase has me really excited for our June travels!  


  1. I hope she's feeling better today. Thanks for spending your few precious moments out of the house with us last night!

  2. Thanks Susan! So great to see you last night. Hope we can do it again soon!


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