Pink cupcakes for everyone

Charlie was very insistent about what he wanted to bring to his birthday party at school: pink cupcakes! We're not allowed to bring homemade treats to the school (boo to that policy) so I picked up these lovelies from McLain's Bakery.

Charlie's class has a pre-snack routine they follow every day. They all sit in a circle for a story (each of them finds a small dot on the floor to sit on). Towards the end of the story two kids at a time are excused to go wash their hands and take a seat at the table. The rest continue to listen to the story until they are called to wash up.

While I was helping set out the cupcakes, I put Izzy with Charlie for story time. With mixed results...

Waiting patiently for the others to join them at the table. The kids are supposed to sit with their hands on their laps - those are Charlie's hands sneaking a sprinkle in the foreground.

Everyone sang "Happy Birthday" and dug into the cupcakes. Most of them just licked off the frosting and left the cupcakes. And why not? The frosting is the best part.

Izzy was eyeing Charlie's cupcake. She did get a taste of frosting eventually. I think she has my sweet tooth.

After the treats, Ryan got talked into reading a story. He was quite popular!

I think the party was a success!


  1. What a neat party. So great that you and Ryan got to be be there. Charlie will remember you, Dad and Izzy all celebrating his 3rd birthday with him at school with his pink cupcakes!

  2. Happiest of (pink) birthday's to Charlie! Izzy definitely looks interested in that cupcake - atta girl!


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