Beach Vacation

This was the second year we spent the good part of a week in sunny Southern California in February (the posts from last year can be seen here, here, here, and here). I grew up visiting this area of California to see my Grandparents in the summers and it invokes happy memories of family and fun. Now I have new memories and routines to share with Ryan, Charlie and Izzy.

One of the best parts about this vacation set up is that we can literally walk across the street to the beach. See those tall palm trees just past the grassy area? That is our beach!

And it is a massive beach - perfect for morning runs, romping in the sand and chasing birds in and out of the surf. This is definitely the low season for tourists and locals in this area and, lucky for us, it is like having our own private beach.

This was Izzy's first time seeing the ocean. Although last year she might have heard the waves, in utero.

Charlie wasn't afraid of the ocean and ran right in the water like he was here only the day before. But he did insist on having Dad's hand close by.

This was late afternoon when the tide was out, our first day there. There is so much space to run free at this time of the day. In the mornings when the tide is high, the width of the beach is cut in half.


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