Stashed memories

After the birthday party extravaganza on Saturday, I turned my attention to neglected household chores on Sunday afternoon. I started by organizing the closet in our upstairs office as, lately, it has been spilling over with bags. I like bags of all kinds and can always find a reason to purchase a new one. Each have their own purpose - laptop bags, long-weekend bags, diaper bags, bags for holding kid's gear, among others. Ryan doesn't get this logic, but I digress...

I use one or two large, all-purpose handbags on a regular basis. With two kids under three, I don't switch bags around as much as I used to and instead go for practical and convenient most days. But when I venture out sans kids for a date night or evening with friends, I have a stash of clutches for just about any occasion. Over the years I got in the habit of leaving behind tickets stubs in these 'occasion' purses and since I use them so infrequently, its always a surprise when I open them up again.

Each ticket stub immediately transports me back to the time and place, people and experiences in my life at that moment. I highly recommend this easy, lazy habit of chronicling happy memories. The only down side is that it will slow down your closet organization. You've been warned.  


  1. I do that too with my fun purses, but I seem to find long lost chapsticks and gum!

  2. I think I went to two of those with you. Pete Yorn at the Bottleneck. At that one, a kid came up to me and said he told his friends he was coming back there to hit on a hot chick....then he figured out I was pretty much the same age as his mom, and he left to get a beer and didn't come back. I think the Pink Martini was the one I went to as well and there was that crazy couple in front of us who were totally jamming out in their seats. It was awesome. Just like any time I'm with you!!! Thanks for the tip and the memories!!

    1. KK - too funny! We need to go to another concert soon!


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