Charlie goes to the dentist

We've been talking this up for weeks - Charlie's first visit to the dentist! He was shy, a little nervous, even a little scared at one point. After a few tears and holding Mom's hand, he was brave and did just great. He'd been practicing opening wide and it paid off. He had his teeth counted, cleaned, and flossed and he was given two thumbs up! We went to the same dentist that Ryan went to as a little kid and that his parents also still go to - another Manies generation with beauteous chompers.

He made out with a ton of dental swag and toys to boot! We showed all the kids at school the toothbrushes and toys from the dentist. Many of them haven't been to the dentist yet so Charlie's visit was of great interest to the class.

After the dentist, we made a trip to the Roasterie for some coffee for Mom, kid's coffee (milk) for Charlie. It was fun, just the two of us - something we don't get to do very often anymore. We walked down the sidewalk holding hands, talking about the spring flowers and passing cars. I'm amazed at what a real little person Charlie has become, carrying on a conversation and teaching me new things. I think I might actually enjoy going to the dentist (for Charlie) from now on.  


  1. Congratulations to Charlie! He's such a brave boy! I’m glad the toys he got inspired other kids to go to the dentist as well. Plus, you guys got to do some bonding over a cup of coffee and a cup of milk. Nice!

    Stephen Malfair


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