Izzy's Birthday - wrap up!

The last birthday post. Finally.

The cake. This was really the inspiration for Izzy's birthday. I found a similar cake on Pinterest, showed it to my friendly cake lady at work, and she made these. I was so happy with how they turned out. The cakes were colorful and pretty and very tasty.

The amount of detail she puts into each cake never ceases to amaze me. She added one shamrock to the cake and the inside...

Green and white stripes for St. Patty's Day! Love it.

Charlie was more than happy to help Izzy eat her cake.

We had to cut her off. I think she would have eaten the whole thing!

I think this is the only picture I have from the party with both kids. Charlie was so excited to have a house full of people that he never stopped moving. Izzy was content to be held and watch all the movement around her.

My Aunt Susie, Aunt Ju-Ju, Gram and the birthday girl.

Iz and her Grammy sharing a quiet moment before everyone arrived.

Cousin Haley was showing Izzy how to feed her new baby doll.

Iz, your Grandaddy Geiger has never held a baby as much as he has held you. Never. Must mean you are pretty special.

The famous Manies rainbow jello completed the theme for the day.

I hope Izzy will see these pictures someday and understand just how much she is loved.

Eventually, the party had to end - and with this last post, I have to let the moment go, too.

My little girl is no longer a baby. Soon she will be walking and talking and I will barely remember her crawling on the floor, or holding her while she slept on my shoulder. She will be chasing after Charlie and Haley, changing and growing faster than I can keep up with. I know each of these days will bring more and more happiness and I will delight in every skill she learns, every step she takes.  But I know I will always miss my baby and that unique, short time in her life when I could give her everything she wanted and I was all she needed.

Happy Birthday, sweet Helen Elizabeth. We love you so.


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