Izzy's Party - sneak peak!

I am really having fun planning and prepping for Izzy's first birthday on Saturday. Maybe it is all the decorating options that say Spring that has me excited. Maybe it is because I find it easier to plan and decorate for a girl's party than for a boy's. Maybe because her birthday is on St. Patrick's Day and it is a Saturday, and it is the first weekend of March Madness, and it is Spring Break most everywhere except in my lab at work. Maybe because it is 80 degrees outside! I think it is all these things, and rather than finding it stressful and tedious, I am having fun tinkering with paper flowers and photo banners til midnight every night. Daylight savings this week has made it easy to stay up late. But I'm naturally a night owl and if no one is telling me to go to bed, I can tinker til the wee hours.

I am also working on Izzy's baby book this week. I made a promise to myself that I would finish both kids' baby books before their first birthday because I'm crazy I knew it would never get done otherwise. With Charlie, I worked on his book in increments his first year and it was done by his birthday. The poor second child? I started working on it last week. I hadn't even printed out a single picture from Izzy's first year until last week! I find it so hard to identify pictures and have them printed on a regular basis. I love putting them up on the blog, but seem to fall apart when it comes to printing them. And I know it will always be that way for me and that's why my kids will have one album - their baby book, and nothing else. Sorry kids, I hope you won't be scarred for life, but I know my limitations.

I would love to know if anyone else has a good system for keeping up with photos, printing them out on occasion to frame or to file away in albums. Tell me your secret! I think this is why I've become addicted to the mall photo shop - you know the ones with all the cheesy backdrops and props, full of screaming babies and toddlers having tantrums? Yes, those. I frequently torture my kids with trips to the mall photo shop. Why? Because I walk out of there in an hour, completely stressed and exhausted, but with pictures in hand. I promptly put them in frames, hand them out to grandparents, and I feel like a rock star mom. It's so totally worth it.

I'm a little worried that I'm going to experience a major let down after Izzy's birthday. My baby is turning one. This will be the last first birthday party I will plan. I feel the rush coming. I think I'll go cut out some more paper flowers...


  1. Wow, looks like Martha Stewart's been hard at work hand-crafting beautiful decorations! It's hard to believe Iz is already one...how is that possible?

  2. oy. i thought i was doing so good planning brennan's party, but this stuff puts my little crafts to shame. everyone in my house is sick and i haven't had any time or energy to get stuff ready...i'm sensing an all nighter coming up! as for the baby books and pictures...not one has been printed in Brennan's life. You are not alone. you are an overachiever! your kids are seriously so lucky.

  3. Stacy - I have been lucky this week, both kids healthy and with the warm weather they are exhausted and sleeping great. Lucky! All bets are off when somebody gets sick. I'm sure Brennan's party will be awesome - enjoy the moment and try to get some sleep for yourself after!


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