Rainy day at the library

We were spoiled with awesome Spring weather last week, so the rain has made for some long, gray days this week. Lucky for us, we have a great public library nearby that is perfect for a rainy afternoon. Charlie has been asking to go to the library for weeks. I think it is because his favorite furry friend, Curious George, makes frequent visits to the library on his tv show and in our books at home.

This library has a fantastic wide open space for kids with floor to ceiling windows. C & Iz like to look down at the passing cars below, both with and without the viewfinder. We're still working on our quiet voices inside the library - Charlie knows only one volume and it's loud! With all there is to see and do, we didn't manage to check out any books. We'll save that for the next rainy day.


Have a great weekend and ROCK CHALK!


  1. Show this to Charlie when he is in college. Remind him how much he loved the library and how he would beg you to go! Lol

    1. I hope he continues to like the library. They could be extinct by the time he gets to college!


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