Up in the clouds

We drove about 10 minutes up the coast one afternoon and had lunch at Glider Point in La Jolla - a prime hang gliding spot. For an hour or so we were witness to a whole different way of spending a beautiful afternoon. High up in the clouds, these guys get as close to flying as I imagine you can get.

The parasails and gliders took off from this point about every 10 minutes, some solo, some tandem. It was a windy day and they seemed to lift effortlessly up into the sky.

Our last morning in California, we had breakfast outside at a little place in La Jolla Coves with an amazing ocean view. 

Charlie and Izzy had lots of quality time with their grandparents and everyone had such a great time on the trip.

From last year in February (above) when Izzy was with us on the inside but we hadn't officially met-

To this year when she is almost one year old, time flies!


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