Weekend Update

We had an excellent weekend that began on Friday with a day at home with Mom. It is exhausting to be home all day with two small kids, make no mistake about it. Anyone who says otherwise, has never done it or has simply blocked it out. Ryan and I went to the KU game at the Sprint Center Friday night which was fun, until we lost. Charlie and Izzy stayed with Haley, Aunt Kara and Uncle Karl. I understand they had pizza, whipped cream with a little jello, and tons of fun. Such lucky kids!

Saturday was a gorgeous day and we walked over to Brookside to take in the St. Patrick's Day Parade. Charlie had so much fun watching the parade and dancing along with the bands. He told me later his favorite part was getting candy, no surprise there. This parade is so very random, basically you can put on a green t-shirt and fall in line. I don't think they turn anyone away that wants to participate. Its eclectic, really long, and both urban and small town at the same time. I love a good parade. Love, love.

Sunday was rainy and blah. After a miserable 10 mile run in the rain, I was more than eager to head to the movies. We took Charlie to see The Lorax, only his second movie ever. He did awesome! Sat quietly through the entire movie and consumed a giant popcorn (almost) all by himself. The giant recliners in the theatre were about the size of his bed at home. Taking Izzy with us, on the other hand, was not such a good idea. She was tired and had a cold and the theatre was really loud. We took turns sitting in the lobby with her (side note: the AMC manager took pity on us and gave us a free movie pass to come back. Sometimes people are just plain nice). Next time one of us will take Charlie by himself. Live and learn!

To catch up on our weekend in pictures, click here.


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