Checking in from the west coast

Greetings from (partly) sunny southern cal! I arrived last night after what was quite possibly the easiest trip ever. The last time I came to San Diego in February, it was the first time we had flown together, all four of us. What a difference! This time I didn't have to cart around extra bags for both kids plus snacks, toys, and diapers; wrangle with a stroller at the gate (why do we always forget to get the gate tag for the stroller?!) and worry about getting three seats together amidst the cattle call that is southwest airlines. I felt so calm and relaxed with my B16 boarding pass (for once I remembered the check in!), my bottle of water and carry on luggage. I did some work on the plane, snoozed for a few minutes, and suddenly we were in San Diego a full 30 minutes early. I grabbed a coffee and a cab and was at my hotel in 30 minutes. Wh-wh-what??

I have been looking forward to this trip for awhile and it is the first time since having Izzy that I was not dreading leaving her. I took her to three meetings with me last year when she was really little, and while I'm glad I did because I couldn't have left her that soon, I didn't get much out of the meetings professionally. It is just too hard to put in the time at the meeting when your 3 month old is waiting back at the hotel for you (hanging in the room playing video games and raiding the mini bar). So this time I am looking forward to reconnecting with colleagues - as that is most of what these meetings are about - in a way I haven't in several years. And don't get me started on the posh hotel room, comfy bed and tv in the room! You could say I have an unnatural affinity for a hotel tv and room service, it feels like the guiltiest of pleasures and it's what I look forward to when traveling alone...we all have our things. 

On this particular trip, I not only have tv and room service to look forward to, but I also get to hang out with two of my best friends - the kind of friends that you only have to see every once in awhile and yet its like you were just together. Visiting Dan in San Diego has become a regular thing and this has to be about the 10th time (at least) that we've met since he's been living here. My own personal tour guide. He took us for the best fish tacos in the city last night. Yum! 

And I was in need of some much needed girl time with Susan. We've had so much to catch up on. I really miss her and wish we could see each other more often. Who knows what we might accomplish if we were within shouting distance... 

My quiet spot in the hotel room where I did some last minute work on my presentation for tomorrow. I love a good window seat.

And of course, I miss these two like crazy. Whenever I travel alone, I see a million kids everywhere I go that remind me of them and stir up a longing to hold them close, even if just for a split second. But the time will go fast and I know they are in great hands with Dad. And while I hope everything goes smoothly while I'm gone, I secretly hope they miss me and appreciate me all the more when I return.


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