As promised last week, here is the run down on our dyeing eggs-travaganza!

Since we're getting ready to put our house on the market, Ryan had the brilliant idea to take the dyeing outside. It was a beautiful evening, so we set up our egg dyeing station in the grass, Mom and Dad opened up a beer, and Charlie and Dad got to work.

Izzy came to check out the action, but since I wouldn't let her touch and tip over the bowls full of food coloring, she soon lost interest.

Our high tech set up. These plastic bowls were left over from the kit I bought last year. If only I had saved that little wire egg holder thingy...

Izzy and Roxie were bored with the egg dyeing. Roaming around the yard chewing on grass and sticks was much more fun.

So proud to be walking! (on a side note, nice unintentional picture of our house in the background. Will this be our last Easter in this house? Sniff.) Check out how well Dad is supervising in the background. That's how this happened....

It wouldn't be much fun if there wasn't some mess involved. A little food coloring on your skin and clothes is well worth the end result: 

I was very pleased with how the eggs turned out. The neon food coloring makes for bright, vivid colors and I will definitely use it again next year. We're not quite ready for fancy, pinterest-worthy eggs just yet. But, this was the real result I was going for...

All out fun!


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