The hunt is on!

Did somebody say something about an egg hunt?

I can't believe how grown up this (not so) little one is getting. Maybe its the scarf...but I see the years flashing by and she is in highschool. It seems like just yesterday she was Izzy's age.

Getting her basket, ready to hunt for eggs!

This is the closest Izzy got to wearing the bunny ears on Sunday.

 Izzy's eggs were close by and easy for her to spot. She liked carrying around the empty plastic eggs.

Not done yet, Charlie was getting some instruction on where to look for his next egg.

Collecting the money he found in his eggs.

Trying to put the money from his eggs into his pockets...

This is my new favorite picture - maybe of all time. Iz was peeking through the garden gate, looking for eggs? the other kids or Gram?  

 Taking stock and making sure they each got 10 eggs.

 Transferring the candy from the eggs to a plastic bag so Gram can use the eggs again next year. Love the vest! Charlie is so wearing a vest next Easter.

Note the "C" on Charlie's eggs. This is a family tradition - everyone has plastic eggs with their initial on it and everyone gets the exact same number of eggs. You might imagine that in my uber-competitve family, this tradition arose as a response to a trend each Easter when we were kids to 'win' the hunt and get the most eggs. According to the rules, if you find someone else's egg, you are to leave it there and keep looking for your own initial. This rule was often overlooked in favor of hiding said egg in a spot that might never be found. (I won't name names, but the worst offender of this collected eggs with the letter "T"). And based on what I saw Sunday, I think this tradition has been passed down to the next generation.

For now, no one tampers with the eggs labeled "C" and "H" but they will, soon enough.

Izzy wasn't tired, but Gram must've been after hiding 80 eggs!

And Roxie was a good sport, as always - even though she didn't get to hunt eggs or eat any candy. Now the baskets are packed away, the last piece of stray Easter grass picked up, and all the Easter candy is gone (Mom is entitled to a few chocolate eggs). Until next year...


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