Quick weekend update

I have to report back from the weekend and mention that Ryan came through on the corsage for our prom date. Here it is in all its glory:

And in his first purchase of a corsage in probably 20 years, Ryan did get reminded of a few things. First, it's best to order a corsage in advance as apparently floral shops don't just have them sitting around ready for purchase. And second, when buying (or odering!) a corsage, you should know what color will best compliment your date's dress. For showing up at a flower shop on a Saturday afternoon unaware of either of these tips, Ryan was told he was "such a guy!" I appreciate the abuse you took for the purchase of my corsage, babe. It was a big hit at the prom and all the other ladies were jealous.

After our big night out, we had a leisurely Sunday morning for the first time in a long time. We slept in, did some last minute cleaning/prepping for a 1:00 house showing and had a relaxed breakfast, just the two of us. Just like it used to be, say three years and 3 months ago. It was nice.

But like anytime I am without the kids for very long, I missed them. I enjoyed every minute of our adult time, but I was also very anxious to hear their voices and to feel sticky little hands tugging at my arm. How is it they can look different to me after just one night away? I picked them up from Gram's and we all walked to the park to enjoy a beautiful spring evening - a perfect cap to the weekend. Our Sunday evening was not without event, however, as the power went out for the second time that day (gotta love old neighborhoods with big, old trees). We put the kids to bed just before dark and then had a romantic dinner by candlelight. The house is so quiet with no power, we read for a little while and then went to bed early.

Ready for the week!


  1. You do a great job of life balance, work balance. Both of your jobs are tough, but rewarding. As you said in your following blog, there will be good days and bad days at both jobs. It would be no fun if it was all too easy and perfect!
    love ya sis!

    1. Thanks Jules! It means a lot to have your support.


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