10 things about exercise and me

Running the Hospital Hill Half-Marathon with Ryan, circa 2007. Photo credit: K.Tuttle.

10 things - some new, some old - about exercise and me:

1. I ran my first 5K at the age of 10. Since then, I've run more road races than I can count.

2. In college, I was lucky enough to compete in the historic Head of the Charles, the world's largest two-day rowing event.

3. I had what I'm pretty sure amounts to a panic attack in the open water swim of my first triathlon. Thanks, but no thanks.

4. I've run 9 marathons, including the infamous Boston Marathon. My marathon PR is 3:24:40.

5. My favorite race distance is the half-marathon. 5 and 10Ks are too fast, a marathon requires too much time to train.

6. I am really excited that I get to help plan this upcoming meeting.

7. I'd like to run a marathon with my Dad someday. When I am 68, I hope I can still run a 10K under an hour and a half-marathon under 2 hours like he can.

8. I used to teach spinning classes and a boot camp style exercise class.

9. 60: the maximum number of miles I've run in a week. 2: the number of runs I was doing per day. 0: the likelihood I will ever do that again.

10. I am a secret devotee of The Method.

Anything you didn't already know? Anything surprising on this list?

Exercise, in one form or another, has always been a part of my life - and it always will be. The challenge is to keep adjusting my exercise goals and routine to fit my life. When I was single and in graduate school, running was an outlet and a release for stress. As a result, I ran 60 miles a week and several marathons a year. That routine doesn't fit into my life anymore and is completely unrealistic.

I am still trying to find the ideal routine for my life now with two kids and a husband that also values exercise. Saturday evening we went on a family run with the double stroller and made a stop at the park to play along the way. I got some exercise while also spending time with my family. For now, that works and makes me happy.

Find more exercise inspiration and celebrate Exercise is Medicine month here.


  1. You (and Ry) amaze and inspire me - your influence has introduced me to an unbelievable world of being fit and healthy. Thanks!

    1. Thanks K! You are a true runner now...there is no going back!


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