Mother's Day Weekend

It's Mother's Day weekend - we deserve an entire weekend, right? Do you have something special planned? Our weekend is centered around running events, which is an excellent fit for Exercise is Medicine month!  We ran a 5K for Mother's Day last year, and I really like this new tradition. Lots of exercise and outdoor time for the weekend -  I am really looking forward to it all.

Here's what we were doing two years ago on Mother's Day, and three years time flies!

And really, every day is Mother's Day with these two...

Wearing his bicycle helmet this morning, just because.

Some days are easier than others, but every day I am grateful and humbled to be Mom to these two. It's the main reason I keep this blog - I want to remember all the details, the big and small, from my days with C & Iz. I have a bad memory and so this blog is the keeper of my memories.

One thing I am realizing more and more with every passing day in this still new role of motherhood, is how lucky I am to be close to two amazing moms - my own and Ryan's. You don't truly appreciate a mother's work until you become one. I am so lucky to have them both in my life, and in my childrens' lives.

Be sure and thank your mother for all she does this weekend. And if you've lost your Mom too soon and she's not with you this weekend, a heartfelt sorrow for your loss. But rest assured, even if you can't tell her how you feel, moms always know what you're thinking. Somehow, they just know.


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