May the 4th be what??

I know about Cinco de Mayo, and even that tomorrow is Derby Day. But I had never heard of Star Wars Day until today. I've received emails and posts on Facebook along the lines of "May the fourth be with you." I guess I have a lot of geeky friends. Of course I do, I'm a scientist.

Big plans for the weekend? Something involving margaritas and mint juleps maybe? Our weekend is going to be full of baby showers, yard work day at the kids' school, and hopefully a trip to the Brookside Art Fair. Will this be the last year we can walk to the art fair?

I love this post about the love/hate relationship with kid's toys. Having to keep the house 'show ready' at all times right now made me think of it and I had to share. Izzy is really into books right now and she can clear a shelf like nobody's business. I can relate to the sand issue as well. We could have our own sand box with all the sand we bring home from the park.

Yes, Charlie is sporting a tattoo. Two of them in fact. You ready for us Johnson County?

I ran with the stroller to pick up the kids from school yesterday (practicing what I preach!) and we had to stop to watch one of Grandaddy's trucks on the way home.

I've seen these trucks all my life and you would think I would be used to it - but the sight of one still makes me smile and boosts my day. My Grandaddy G, who started the company over 60 years ago with one small truck in Leavenworth, would get such a kick out of knowing his great-grandkids watched a pour near the UMKC campus on a Thursday afternoon in May.

A few more things to write home about:

Charlie would be so upset that none of these people are wearing helmets!

I made these brownie roll-ups last weekend and they were a hit with adults and kids alike.

Heard about this new spot in KC and can't wait to check it out.


Have a great weekend!


  1. Whoa! Have you decided on your new home?!

  2. No, still looking...but we know it will be in JoCo somewhere. We could still be your neighbor!

  3. I can tell you are getting good at your new camera. Great photos!


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