Memorial Day Celebration at the Station 4

We had a very busy Memorial Day weekend. The weather was hot and sunny, letting us know that summer has arrived! Between house showings, family BBQs and baseball games, a race, and an engagement party, we managed to fit in our annual trip to the Celebration at the Station. It has become one of our favorite traditions to share with family and friends. With the KC Symphony performing patriotic tunes in front of beautiful Union Station, and an amazing fireworks dispay against the backdrop of the Liberty Memorial, this has to be one of KC's finest events.

View of Union Station and the city skyline from the Liberty Memorial. The crowds were just arriving.

View of the Liberty Memorial from below, the only World War I monument in the country.

Getting to and from this event takes a little effort. Parking is far away and hauling picnic gear up and down the hill is no small order. It's always hot in mid-afternoon while we're lugging around coolers, blankets, chairs, kids, and strollers. (Not to mention diapers, wipes, sippy cups, hats, suntan lotion, bug spray, balls & toys. And don't forget the spare clothes - I learned the hard way last year). It isn't easy, but it is so worth it. After staking out our spot on the hill, still pretty empty when we arrived, a cool drink was all everyone needed to relax and start enjoying the scenery.

No longer any green space behind us just a short while later. The crowd seemed bigger than ever this year, estimates put the number at 50,000.

Relaxing on the grass, Haley and Izzy have the right idea.

If you're going to wrestle on Memorial Day, just make sure you have your flag in hand.

One of the things we love the best about our Memorial Day tradition at the station is sharing it with family and friends. The bigger the group, the better. And having both sets of grandparents with us is special for the kids and something I hope they will remember.

Thank you to all those who served and continue to serve our country. We are so blessed.


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