Mother's Day picnic and baseball game

We had a picnic after the 5K run on Sunday morning to avoid the crowds doing brunch for Mother's Day. It was the perfect fit for all the kids and the weather could not have been more perfect. I had fun playing with my new camera and took way too many pictures.

Dad was telling her not to put rocks in her mouth. How do they learn these looks so early??

Izzy interrupted the game of catch.
I don't think they minded.

The ladies chatting about Julie's wedding plans.

After breakfast, the baseball game began in ernest. It wouldn't be a Geiger family game without someone getting mad or hurt and this day was no exception. Relatively speaking, it was only a minor upset and everyone had fun playing ball.

Charlie learned a lot by watching his older cousins play ball.
He looks so much like Todd in this picture.

This is not your ordinary baseball tee - made from a coffee can, a steel pipe, some concrete and a little plastic tubing - this is a homemade treasure. My brother, sister and I all learned to hit using this tee. It has seen a little duct tape and a new blue foam pad added to it over the years, but it still gets the job done.

Charlie gettings some hitting instruction from Grandaddy.

The misfit outfielders - nothing gets by them.
More instruction....

 All that hitting instruction from Grandaddy and Uncle Todd paid off!

And he's safe!

Happy Mother's Day to me!


  1. Great pics, must be that fabulous camera! And the operator too! I love the 4th one captured the dust and all...nice Geiger! (shm)

    1. Thanks Su! I am having fun with it, even if it is still just in auto mode...


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