Mother's Day racing report

My cheering section for the Mother's Day 5K
We had a busy and fun weekend of racing in the Maniger household. The weather was beautiful both Saturday and Sunday, even a little cool at times which was perfect for running. With early mornings both Saturday and Sunday and two showings on the house to prep for, we felt pretty exhuasted by Sunday evening.

Race note: I finished 3rd in my age group out of 378 runners -  and I paid for it all day Sunday. I need to put in more miles if I am going to run that hard. I know better, but I hadn't raced in a long time and my enthusiasm got the better of me. Gram finished 9th in her age group - despite almost missing the start. Way to go Mom!

Mother's Day 5K Race Team 2012

We cheered on Kara in her big race Saturday and it was so much fun. I was surprised at how many people 'ran with the cows' in this race, which is only in its second year. I heard about 2500 turned out to run on Saturday. As with any big race when I am standing on the side watching, I was wishing I was out there.

We went to mile 10 and waited for Kara. There was a good crowd at this spot, with music to keep us entertained and to dance along with. They handed out animal hats for the kids.

Charlie the Tiger and Dad waiting to cheer on Aunt Kara

We finally spotted her!
Charlie ran up and down this country road so much while we were waiting for Kara, I'm pretty sure he ran a couple of miles himself.

We'd never been this far south before - turns out there are tigers in the fields...

Way to go Aunt Kara! We are so proud of you. Let us know when the next race is, we'll be there to cheer!

I should get in two races in May to celebrate Exercise is Medicine month. There is another race coming up on Memorial Day. It isn't an unreasonable goal to do a race once a month and that would keep me motivated to run. If you like to run, how often do you race and what is your favorite distance?


  1. That Race is at the church I grew up in. You were almost at my house. My favorite drive is on Metcalf from 199th south. Reminds me of home. I live about 8 miles south of there on Metcalf.

    1. Janelle - the one time I've been out that far was to your house for Susan's shower...its very pretty! You should do the race next year!


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