Put me in coach

Most kids go for the swings or the slide first. Not Charlie. When we go to the park, he goes for whatever court or field is there and wants to play. We target parks with a neglected basketball or tennis court, or baseball field, and he will entertain himself for hours. Izzy will wander around, following in his footsteps.

I try to always have a ball of some sort in the car or the stroller for just this purpose. This particular day I forgot a ball, but Charlie made do with the small stuffed bear we had on hand.

See the white stuffed bear up in the tree? He almost made it in the basket!

He certainly gave it his best try.

This little girl may never play with anything but trains, trucks and balls.

The baseball diamond at the park was occupied with a little league practice yesterday, so we had to move our game to the tennis court. With all this practice, he is getting pretty good at hitting the ball. He tells me I am the coach and he is the player. If only he would listen to the coach.

Taking her turn.

Charlie decided he needed to wear Izzy's pink hat.

I think he wanted a batting helmet. Guess I'll have to carry one of those around from now on, too.

Izzy can't yet talk, but she knows what she wants. She stood right in front of him and put her hands to her head, pulling on her hair. "I want my hat back, please." Typical big brother, he just ignored her.


  1. Love this entire thing! 1st picture looks like Izzy is trying to get in the game. Then Charlie shooting baskets with a stuffed rabbit? Not one ball around? Then Izzy and Charlie with the pink hat! Such joy from those too, you are one lucky Mom!

    1. Thanks Jules! They can be a lot of fun - never know what's coming next!


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