To the bike trail

Charlie has been into bikes lately - riding on the back of Dad's bike and cruising on his orange strider bike. We bought the strider last summer but he didn't have the coordination for it then. He does now.

She just wants to do everything he does.

We bike and run on the Trolley Trail with the kids all the time. Lately Charlie has been asking to ride his orange bike on the trail. I was skeptical because I didn't think he could get all the way there on the bike (a few blocks from our house) and then still have the energy to ride. What was I thinking? Of course he could, and did.

We stopped at the park on the way back home to enjoy the beautiful weather a little longer.

She is a little dressed up for the park, I know. But if she doesn't wear the cute dresses in her closet, they will all be too small very soon. We're going fashion forward anywhere and everywhere these days.

I will definitely miss the proximity of the trail and our favorite parks when we move. Love, love our neighborhood.


  1. You will love a new neighborhood too! It's what you make of it!


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