Eating fresh and local with toddlers

I'm excited to announce a new series on Speed Bump this summer - eating fresh and local with toddlers (title still subject to change). My work offered a CSA (Community Sponsored Agriculture) for the first time this summer and I'm so excited. I pick up a bag of fresh produce every Tuesday at work - it's like having my own personal farmer's market. We will know a week ahead of time what to expect in the bags, although it is subject to change. In our first week's bag, we were supposed to receive kohlrabi and got red lettuce instead. There is a newsletter each week telling us where the produce, dairy, bread or honey is from as well as recipe suggestions.

It will be a challenge to adjust to and plan for each week's produce and also find recipes the kids will like. I'm pumped to give it a try, I've always wanted to take part in a CSA. I hope I am still enthusiastic come July and August!

So what do you think, will my toddlers eat fresh and local? And will they like it? Stay tuned.
Charlie showing me the contents of our first CSA share.

The contents of our first week's bag: tomatoes, lettuce, skim milk, zucchini and summer squash, blackberries, pickled beets, and cheese curds and Farm to Market bread. There were also regular and flavored honey sticks - these were a big hit with Charlie. Everything is from local, family farms. We were given reusable grocery bags and even a cookbook with kid-friendly recipes.

The label reads: Dave and Bonnie Jisa are 5th generation family farmers who proudly produce this wholesome, high quality fresh tasting cheese. 


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