Lounging and clowning

Charlie and Haley decided to lounge on the deck at Grammy and Papa's house, complete with their bed pillows and covers. They had so much fun and I took so many pictures. I couldn't resist posting most of them.

I'm pretty sure Charlie was telling Haley what to do here, something that happens quite often.

He is oblivious to the growing fat lip behind him. Haley doesn't need a big brother, she has Charlie.
Staying clear of the action, for now...

Now he's telling me what to do.

Nothing much bothers Izzy, not even these two clowns.


  1. Great pictures! Simply priceless. Love it!

  2. Love, love, love! The progression of Haley's pouty lip pics are hilarious.

  3. I think these pictures really capture how much fun they have together - lucky cousins!


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