One more step

**You can improve your health one step at a time. Start here, start now.**

Did you stay active this weekend? Move a little more? Hopefully you got in your daily exercise and also stayed active enough around the house to reach 10,000 steps per day - finally you get credit for mowing the lawn and cleaning the floors! Add 'em up!

We're planning to purchase a couple pedometers and start tracking our daily steps. If you feel up to a little healthy competition, get yourself a pedometer and we can have some fun.

I've rounded up a few health articles to start off the week:

  • Finding the sweet spot for exercise. In some cases, less is more.
  • Here's an update on barefoot running for those that might be interested. I am still not used to my Merrell's, but starting to like them more.
  • Ever wonder how many daily steps kids need to stay healthy?
  • I found this article on sugar very interesting. While we certainly consume way too much sugar, making it the sole enemy of our diet is not the answer.

I'm planning to write about how we exercised while in Spain. As you can see from the picture above, it wasn't hard to get motivated.

Two week's ago, this was our view of the beach in Barcelona just after sunset...


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