I don't know about you, but I'm ready for the weekend. This week was all about catching up after our trip which is never much fun. We have a party with friends, a modern homes tour of KC and a birthday/Father's Day celebration on tap for the weekend. It will be busy.

And hopefully we'll get out on our bikes. We need to get another bike seat for Izzy. We've put her in the seat and gone around the neighborhood a few times and she loves it.

I imagine we will have to work our weekend around some house showings as well. As inconvenient as they are, it's the only way to get our house sold so we're glad to have them. Maybe an offer is coming soon...? We are waiting and hoping.

These two really bonded while Ryan and I were away. I've noticed them playing together a little more and constantly working to make each other laugh. While they've always been pretty good together, they seem much more in tune and aware of the other's needs and wants. A very cool by product of our trip. And of course, while we were gone Izzy decided to learn a zillion new things. She can point out various body parts now (nose, tongue, ears, hair, eyes), has some hilarious new dance moves, and says "ball" "mama" and "woof woof" for dog. Guess she taught us a lesson for leaving her for 10 days.

Have a great weekend!


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