Tiaras, tulle and Charlie

**Hola! Buenas tardes...we're back from Spain! We had a fabulous trip and loved every minute (also missed our little ones every minute we were gone). I can't wait to post pictures from our trip, but for the moment I'm swamped with work and catching up around home. While I get to work downloading and organizing pictures, here is a post I put together awhile back but never used.**

We went to a Birthday party for one of the girls in Charlie's class. The party had a Princess theme, complete with a real live Cinderella to tell stories.

Charlie was a good sport and wore a tiara, but he was only mildly interested in Cinderella and her stories. We don't tell Charlie that some objects or activities are for girls, others for boys. I think kids figure those things out on their own soon enough. At school, they play dress up and Charlie is just as likely to choose a Princess costume as he is the fireman's outfit.

He was excited to have his face painted -  can't you tell? Note the lovely drawing on his arm - Cinderella was doling out rainbows and butterflies, but Charlie asked for a hippopotamus. It was a bit of a challenge and outside her usual repertoire.

My little prince!

New posts coming soon on our new CSA adventure and eating local, and LOTS of pictures from Spain! Stay tuned...


  1. Oh Charlie, the plaid shirt buttoned all the way up tops it all off!

    1. He makes a pretty princess doesn't he? Plaid shirt and all!


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