Birthday candles and fireworks

Happy late 4th of July! I hope everyone had a great, abbreviated holiday. We celebrated Roxie's 10th birthday with a Dog Party, it was lots of fun (and very hot!). I will post more pictures soon.

So, turns out my husband likes to blow things up. And he is very excited about instilling this love of loud and noisy fireworks into our son. As the smoke clears from the yard, Charlie with his popsicle face

Run Dad! Hands behind his back, cautious like Mom.

This parachute went straight up into the trees but eventually made its way back down.

The question is, will Dad teach Izzy about fireworks? Girls wanna play too!

She's Daddy's girl, so I imagine she will get fireworks if she wants them.

It's going to be another hot weekend, stay cool and have fun! On Monday I'll be posting about our new Fitbit pedometers. You are so going to want one!


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