I never thought I'd say this but....I'm a Twitter fan!

I have been on Twitter for exactly 3 days.  And  although I have no idea what I'm doing, I've already witnessed first hand the power of Twitter. And I'm telling you, it's for real.

#twitter. I've been holding out on Twitter, with no interest whatsoever to join. When I think of Twitter, I think of Ashton Kutcher tweeting from the club in LA, or Jessica Alba tweeting about her venti-latte at Starbucks. It just didn't appeal.

But curiosity got the best of me this week and I dove blindly into the world of tweets, hashtags, DMs, and tweetdecks (??). I have no idea how to communicate on Twitter. Crafting a message in 140 characters has become an art form. And it's a whole new language with all the ##, @, DM, and I don't even ****@@@!!! I feel like I grabbed onto a speeding bullet train and somehow managed to get two feet inside the train car door only to find everyone staring at me. The party is in full swing and I've crashed it.

But Twitter is not just about following Claire Danes' baby bump (yeah, I keep up)...who knew?!

I wrote here previously about Anne Marie Slaughter's article "Why women still can't have it all" in The Atlantic. Slaughter's article is the most widely read piece in the history of The Atlantic's website and the conversation regarding the work/life balance struggle for women (and men) is not dying off (Slaughter recently wrote an update in The Atlantic). I stumbled upon the hashtag (which denotes tweets all related to a specific topic, I've figured that much out) #havingitall in which people were tweeting different articles and blog posts about the issue. I decided to throw my two cents into the ring with the following tweet, including a link to my blog post, and look what happened:

Now, I don't know if Anne Marie Slaughter actually read my humble little blog post, but I like to think that she did. I'm confident that this type of back and forth would never have happened via email, facebook or as a result of my commenting on Slaughter's article on The Atlantic website. But Twitter! Wow. I am a believer.

Now, #needtogettowork @mydayjob so until soon #twitterpeeps!

If you are on twitter, I am @bySpeedbump, let's follow each other or #whatevertwitterusersdo.


  1. ok, now I KNOW we have to meet for coffee!!! I just got the Twitter "bug" a couple of months ago and Twitter chats are BOMB!!! I have been on Twitter for several years, but just got the true bug recently. I'm on as @stacybraiuca now, and will be sending you a request! Stacy


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