Lucky 13

Today is a big day in the Maniger household. Our house is under contract (after 80 some days on the market and 50 showings) and the inspection is today. AND, we are closing on our new house - today! Big.Time. We planned to sell our house first, purchase second. But life doesn't always go as planned.

I haven't posted much about the selling/buying process here on Speed Bump, I think because it was just too nerve wracking and I had to keep it all inside. It has been exhausting to show the house that many times with two toddlers under foot. Keeping it clean has been a daily battle. Staying out of our house nearly every weekend with two small ones that still take daily naps has been grinding (we napped at Ryan's parents' many weekends and are so grateful for that option). We feel a little beat up from the process, but really glad to be done (fingers crossed about the inspection!). You know it's bad when you hear your 3 year-old telling your 1 year-old to not get any toys out or make a mess because people are coming to see the house. Or, when I asked Charlie what he wanted for breakfast last Sunday morning his response was: "Pancakes. Here at our house, not a restaurant. I don't want to go to a restaurant ever again." We've eaten out a lot this summer. A LOT.

We are really excited to be moving on, literally. We will miss our lovely 100 year old house, but this summer has felt like we barely live there. All of our personal items are packed away, we vacate every weekend and many week nights. I think I said my goodbye the day we put it on the market and the sign went up in our yard. My heart was in my throat that day, thinking of the only home Charlie and Izzy have ever known. But now I'm looking forward, crazy excited about our new adventure.

We have one month to pack and move out of our house. We are going to spend 6-9 months renovating our new house (with these guys!) so we won't move in there for awhile. Where will we go come August 16? I have no idea! Anyone have a spare guest room, or two??

Here's one spot we're considering...wouldn't Charlie and Izzy just love looking out these windows every day?

We get the keys to our new house today, lucky Friday the 13th! Stay tuned for pictures of houses old and new, and prepare for a spin-off blog detailing our house renovation. It's going to get pretty crazy in the Maniger household, wherever we end up!

*13 is a lucky number for the Manigers. Both Ryan and I were born on the 13th. So was Ryan's sister. My grandparents were married on the 13th, my birthday. Two of my grandparents had birthdays on the 13th.


  1. Where are you guys moving? It doesn't sound like West Shawnee :(

  2. Oh, and congratulations on selling your house! It is heartbreaking to say goodbye to a place where so many memories have already been built. But think of how many more will be made in your forever home :)

    1. Anh - thanks! Not West Shawnee...:( and keep your fingers crossed on the house sale, not a done deal yet! Wish it was, we're close to the breaking point.


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