New Beginnings


We got the keys to our new house last weekend and we took the kids over to check it out. A wide open, empty house was perfect for these two.

They chased each other through every room and back again.

It was so very exciting, my iphone camera couldn't capture all the action.

The architects are drawing the new house as is and then we get to start the design process. We are still on track to be out of our old house by August 16. What's that you say? Where will we go? Good question.


  1. Looks like fun! I can't wait to see the house develop into the most awesome home on the block (in the the the city).

  2. Love the built-ins! Makes my house feel even more beige...

    1. Thanks Julie - but they are going to go! Everything is going! I'm sure you have much more space than we do - it's a trade off. Regardless, we will be joining you in the burbs soon!


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