Peas in a pod

I was having technical difficulties with the blog this week, and haven't been able to post. It really bummed me out as I've come to depend on this space to reflect on, take stock of, and appreciate my days. Not checking in here makes me feel a little behind on what's happening in my own life. And there is a lot happening.

I think I recently, and foolishly, complained about having to keep our house spotless and clean while we've been showing it all summer. I don't miss the showings, but I miss the clean. These two are like mini tornadoes destroying everything in their path.

Moving update: we are moving to our temporary digs a week from tomorrow. I'm excited for our will think we're crazy. Maybe we are.

They have been like two peas in a pod lately, getting along famously. They both think the other is hilarious and can make each other laugh like fools. I am never in on the joke. I love to watch them play together, Charlie teaching and Izzy learning.She gets knocked down a lot - he is the bull and she is the china doll in the closet. But he is patient with her and likes to show her how to do things. Above, he is conveniently showing her how to work the straw on her drink. I'm not sure she got it back, but she didn't seem to mind.

They are as different as light and dark, curly and straight, all boy and all girl. But she likes to wear hats, just like he did at her age.

And they are both clowns - him wearing his new goggles in the car, to the restaurant. They amaze me every day with their funny ways, their thoughts and their words, what they notice and what they feel. Some days it is more than I can take in and I want to push pause. But there is no pause, no slow motion. Only full speed ahead.

We haven't seen many parks this summer in the heat. We had one visit to the park a week ago when a cloudy afternoon cancelled Charlie's swim class.

 He is so physical. There is nothing he can't climb. I think he can't reach the top, but he proves me wrong every time.

There is no doubt he is fearless. Whether going up or going down, he charges forward. They might have that in common, it's a little too soon to tell. For now, she tries to follow him everywhere.

Wishing I'd had on shorts and flip flops for the park.I try not to complain about this weather because it won't help and I would sound like a broken record. But come on already. I've had it. Bring on Fall.

He likes to help her, taking her hand up steps - he usually manages to slow her down and make her fall. But she doesn't seem to mind.

Who are these kids? They can't be mine. They are too big, too grown up. I can't dial back time, though sometimes I wish I could. I can enjoy and be grateful for every single day. I do and I am.


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