Accepting defeat

I captured the one tranquil moment of the weekend with the kids playing quietly together.
It was over as soon as I had it on record.

I accept defeat. The other side won. The other side is whatever side I was not on this weekend. I was a single parent this weekend, trying to organize our new place and also clean up and get out of our old place. I had a lot of help from grandparents, but even so with worry and stress about a big event at work this week, plus closing on our Brookside house (finally), meeting with architects, adjusting (or not) to the new apartment - it all just added up to a perfect storm. Toddlers (2), me (0). Back door of our building that ate my key (1), me (0). Hipster neighbors trying to watch a movie at 5:30 in the afternoon so they had to knock on my door and complain and not say hello (5), me (0). Roxie not making it all the way to the designated gravel lot to do her business (3), me (0). Hoping for victory, or at least a tie game, this week.


  1. You have had a rough few weeks in general, it is bound to hit you sooner or later.
    I think you are still winning no matter what the score says!
    love ya sis!


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