App shopping

Appliance shopping, that is. Wow, talk about overwhelming. Ryan did his best to explain our kitchen layout and what we were looking for to the salesman . He never got it and he drove us absolutely crazy. We will be trying a different showroom this weekend.

We spent several hours in the showroom looking at ovens, ranges, hoods, refrigerators, and dishwashers. Having owned one house where we didn't do much to the kitchen, and rentals before that, this was an all new experience for both Ryan and I. While overwhelming, it was also really fun. Imagine - an oven that doesn't burn one of my cookie sheets, a dishwasher that actually cleans things on the top rack, and a clean, untouched frig just waiting to be neatly organized (I do like a clean frig, simple joys!). I can't wait.

Red nobs? We're thinking about it - but they come with a hefty price tag. Plus, then you are committed to red for like, ever and ever. Not sure we want to pledge our undying love to the color red in our kitchen, even as just an accent color. I have seen these ranges with blue we're talking.

Charlie has been taking his scooter with us outside for our 'dog runs' and Izzy joins in by bringing her baby stroller. That means getting the dog, both kids, a scooter and a doll stroller down the back steps of our building without any major falls or crashes. Nothing to it.

Meeting with our architect again today - can't wait to see what new changes we'll see on our house design. A relaxing holiday weekend is on tap with hopefully one last swim in the pool, a family reunion, and hanging out at home. Happy Labor Day weekend!


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