Design details


Another design meeting with our architect(s) to cap off the week. It is getting very exciting. Our team is growing and we are now working with two architects, the owner and a staff architect. We got to see actual pictures of the interior today and it was the first time I could really visualize the interior and what it will feel like to stand in the kitchen, dining space, master bedroom.

The Hufft signature "H". Everything these guys do is infused with design, detail, thought, energy. I am amazed at what they create each week. Even more amazed to imagine that I will be living in that space someday.

I get it now. I get what it means to have an architect-designed house. Every detail and aesthetic is considered, every design element is beautiful and serves a purpose. I never truly understood that before. I could appreciate good design when I saw it (or when it was pointed out to me by my architect husband) but I didn't truly understand what that meant for a living space. The light is now turned on.

And big news - Hufft will be able to oversee the construction management of our house. This is something they offer and routinely do and what we have been hoping would happen. But another (much bigger) project had been delayed and they thought they might not be able to take on the management of our project at the same time. But, the timing is going to work out and they are not only going to design the house, but oversee all of the construction. We feel like this is going to ensure the detail and vision is truly captured in the final product. Oh boy!


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