Downtown days, new rituals

When we get home after school/work each night, the first thing we have to do in our new place is take Roxie outside. Ryan usually isn't home yet, so the kids have to go with me. We make quite a sight (and sound) heading outside, with or without a balloon.

Izzy knows where the doggy bags are and she picks one up as we head out the door and down the stairs. It's amazing how fast they take to new routines.

 Izzy and Roxie know just where to go. Izzy has her drink with her in case this takes awhile.

She also knows what to do with the bag. As tempting as it is to let someone do this for me, I don't let the kids help.

Charlie is carrying a sippy cup with milk, a doggy bag, and a balloon. They know to walk carefully and watch their steps in the gravel lot. I'm so proud of my city kids. How will they ever adjust to the burbs now?

I cut Roxie out of the picture so as not to embarrass her, but Izzy is pointing for a reason...

Could this empty lot look any worse? It looks like we live in a third world country. It's all part of the experience and I'm loving every minute. Come February, I will be longing to let Roxie out the backdoor to our new, big grassy lawn in the burbs and our stint in the city will have silenced my urban dreams. That's the plan anyway.


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