Moving weekend report

You could say we had a busy weekend of moving. Lots of work, not much sleep. The happy respite to our weekend was Cousin Haley's 3rd birthday party! These three ended the evening fishing in the pool.

Happy Birthday Haley! Thanks for the great party.

Matching smiles!

Iz borrowed Haley's bumblebee suit - so cute! She really needs a haircut but I'm afraid to cut her curls.

Here's a picture of our new temporary digs. Check back to find out how we turned this urban loft into a fun family home!

The weekend definitely brought its challenges - we couldn't find the corkscrew or the coffee grinder. Moving sans alcohol and caffeine is not a good idea, trust me. And thanks to our horrible cable provider, TimeWarner(!!), we are without cable for 2 weeks during the Olympics. Not cool. Ryan managed to rig up some rabbit ears to our tv and with a litle crafy maneuvering of some boxes, we received excellent reception. We are counting the days until Google Fiber is up and running and we can say goodbye to TW for good. Have you seen this ad? Love it.


  1. Amazing how resiliant kids are. Was just thinking about all the work you and Ryan did to make it as smooth as possible for Charlie and Izzy. But, really they could care less where they are, as long as Mom and Dad are there to tuck them in at night and read them a book. The smiles on their faces show it. Enjoy this time, and all the memories you will make from it!

    1. Thanks Jules - we tried. C seems to be adjusting fine, Iz has suddenly decided to become a defiant toddler just in time for our move. Can they stay at your house??


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