The biggest show and getting glam

We went to the circus last weekend! Gram's circus, as Charlie called it. The circus came to town to raise money for Backpack Buddies (Mom is the Director of the Leavenworth program) and of course we had to go. It was totally old school, with a big tent going up in an empty lot and a midway full of games, snake viewings and tall men on stilts.

There were lions and tigers and we were very close to the cage. I was hoping it was really well put together.

There were several families with kids in the show - a traveling circus family. Can you imagine? I was impressed by the unicycle display. Little known fact: I can ride a unicycle! I had one as a kid. I think I secretly wanted to join the circus. I had as much fun as Charlie at the show. Everyone gets to be a kid at the circus, no matter how old you are.

Meanwhile, our own two-ring circus...

We learned the hard way with Charlie that it really does pay to go to one of these kid-themed hair salons. They are tricked out with dvd players at each station, with cars and jeeps and motorcycles to sit in. The kids are so distracted they have no idea anyone is touching their hair. Izzy has been with us to get Charlie's hair cut several times and she was excited to get her turn this time.

First haircut? Eh. I've got peeps to call and places to go!

Not to be outdone.... 

And because she looks so grown up in the haircut picture, I like this one because she still looks more like a baby - chubby legs, tiny toes and all.


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